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More Xbox games…

By | 2018-11-26

Last Friday I got another parcel with some games. I already own most of them and a few of them will replace or complete my games, rest will be used for trades. Glad that I got a mint Aliens vs Predator steelbook, complete! Also worth mentioning is Outrun 2 for Xbox and my first love on Xbox 360… Read More »

Panzer Dragoon Orta and two more…

By | 2018-10-29

Now I’m almost finished with my original Xbox collection, not many more titles I feel I need. I played a lot of Panzer Dragoon before giving my Xbox to my brother so this is an old friend reacquired. Got the games in a lot. Enclave is a Xbox exclusive game I need to try, looks to be a… Read More »

Some new additions for collection

By | 2018-09-25

Got some new games to add into the collection. First we have Crimson Skies, a game I played A LOT when released on the original Xbox. This game was among the 13 original Xbox games that recently were made Backward Compatible on Xbox One. Unfortunately online multiplayer isn’t working anymore but System Link still works so it can… Read More »

Earth Defense Force 2025

By | 2018-09-11

Another piece for the collection, this time I got Earth Defense Force 2025 for Xbox 360. Earth Defence Force 2025 also called Earth Defence Forces 4.1 is Backward Compatible on Xbox One. After playing a lot of Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair on Steam I felt I had to get this game again, last time… Read More »

Catherine for Xbox 360

By | 2018-09-06

Yesterday I got a package with a game I wanted for a long time. I owned it in the past but at some point I lost it. Finally I have it back in my possession, it has been missed. Catherine is a unique story driven puzzle game. Don’t forget to turn up the volume and listen to the… Read More »