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By | 2018-10-31

Today I’m finally officially done with my Tekken New Net City. This last week I have fixed a 230V>100V transformer, fluorescent lamp and the Toshiba PF D29C051 monitor. Sure I have pulled my hair a few times over this last 6 months but in the end I will still be bald anyway so everything is fine. I finally… Read More »

Toshiba arcade monitor issues, part 2

By | 2018-09-22

Yesterday my package with resistors and some PCB buttons arrived from Electrokit.com. Luckily enough wife went to gym and kids to their grandmother so I had some spare time. After  going through 40 moving boxes in the garage I found my soldering iron and some solder wire. To bad most of the time disappeared in the garage. After… Read More »

Toshiba arcade monitor issues

By | 2018-09-20

I have some issues with one of my SEGA New Net City monitors (the Tekken one). The monitor works but it got a red tint color in the blacks and the colors and white looks very dim. The pictures below look much better than in real life… If I access the monitor settings the green color is really… Read More »

SEGA Sound Amp ordered!

By | 2018-09-17

I now got a shipment on the way from USA, it’s a “new” sound amplifier for my Blast City. The sound amp is a Sega Model 3 stereo sound amplifier, “SEGA 838-12796“. It’s the same that’s inside my Blast City so the switch will be straightforward. It’s bought untested so hopefully it’s working as intended. eBay had one… Read More »

Solution for wireless problems inside NNC

By | 2018-09-14

In our house we use Ubiquiti hardware for or LAN and Wireless LAN. It works great in the whole house but with the Japanese Xbox 360 S I use in my New Net City there always is connectivity problems, it’s no surprise, after all it’s surrounded by metal in a closed space. The signal bounces and will in… Read More »

Update on Blast City accident

By | 2018-09-11

Today I got the fuses I ordered Sunday night from Kjell. I ordered some fast blowing glass fuses 4A 250V with the size 6x32mm. After replacing the fuse in the Blast City PSU I tried mounting it in the cab. Everything booted up as it should except that I got a loud buzzing sound from the speakers. The… Read More »

Accidentally blew my Sega Blast City!

By | 2018-09-07

Today I did something I never thought I would do… I cleaned behind my Sega Blast City (not that, I clean all the time! ) and when plugging the cables back again I used the wrong power cable for the power supply (that one). 230V instead of 100V is a big difference. When the Blast City tried to… Read More »