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Doom, PC Big Box and a case among other…

By | 2018-11-16

Been quiet for a while, hard to get time to blog with sick kids and too little free time. Original Xbox collection now only miss like ten games before I will feel finished with the collection. All four games were in great condition. DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu NTSC-J case with manual but no disc were acquired in a trade where… Read More »

GigaWing Generations

By | 2018-09-17

Added GigaWing Generations to my PS2 collection. Never played it before so nothing bad to say about it, yet. 😉   Unfortunately the game where poorly packaged by the seller so the game case where broken when the parcel arrived.  🙁 I wish people could start to use bubble wrap, especially on games they sell as rare and… Read More »