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By | 2018-10-31

Today I’m finally officially done with my Tekken New Net City. This last week I have fixed a 230V>100V transformer, fluorescent lamp and the Toshiba PF D29C051 monitor. Sure I have pulled my hair a few times over this last 6 months but in the end I will still be bald anyway so everything is fine. I finally… Read More »

Goomba sign and games for collection!

By | 2018-10-23

Today I visited to a local flea market looking for a bench or table so I can move my CRT TV from the floor. Didn’t find any table but I did find a Goomba sign from Nintendo, DJ Hero with a turntable and a few Xbox 360 games. Also found a lot of PS2 games at the flea market… Read More »

New cheap stools

By | 2018-10-22

I always had the intention to get a full set of Taito stools but I always miss the group-buys or when someone do sell their stools. So to have somewhere to place our butts until I get some more Taito stools I have looked for a interim solution. Yesterday I finally found some decent stools, to my surprise… Read More »

Pac-Man lamp

By | 2018-10-17

Pac-Man lamp with sounds… how cool isn’t that? So cool I had to get one. I really need some cozy lighting in my game room so it will fit great. Only complain is that the cord is a bit short and I wish I could make the lamp a little bit brighter.  

A few game room pictures, current state and future plans

By | 2018-10-03

Here is some pictures of the current state in the game room, it shows a bit of the room but not everything… It’s far from done. I got many games and systems in boxes that I just can’t fit in the room. I will probably have to down size a lot… When we moved to this house beginning… Read More »