Perfect Dark Zero: Limited Collector’s Edition

By | 2018-09-19

Yesterday I went to my GameStop store in Örebro. I went there to trade in Lego Ninjago and PES2019 on Xbox One, with the trade in offer I got Forza Horizon 4 preordered for 1€… but since I know I want all DLC and 4 days headstart I payed another 30€ for the Ultimate Edition! As usual I… Read More »

Training at Degerforce Pinball

By | 2018-09-18

September 15th I visited Degerforce Pinball for a four hour training session. I concentrated on one game the whole evening, Demolition Man. Before arriving I had studied the playfield and some of the rules, I don’t read up on everything, learning by playing is part of the experience. So what did I learn? That the game have plenty… Read More »

Comments now open!

By | 2018-09-17

Comments are now open without registration. I have implemented reCAPTCHA because I want it to be easy to comment, registration is not mandatory anymore. If the spam starts to be an issue I may reconsider but I want it easy for people to comment and ask questions if they have any. I have deleted all spam users registered… Read More »

GigaWing Generations

By | 2018-09-17

Added GigaWing Generations to my PS2 collection. Never played it before so nothing bad to say about it, yet. 😉   Unfortunately the game where poorly packaged by the seller so the game case where broken when the parcel arrived.  🙁 I wish people could start to use bubble wrap, especially on games they sell as rare and… Read More »

SEGA Sound Amp ordered!

By | 2018-09-17

I now got a shipment on the way from USA, it’s a “new” sound amplifier for my Blast City. The sound amp is a Sega Model 3 stereo sound amplifier, “SEGA 838-12796“. It’s the same that’s inside my Blast City so the switch will be straightforward. It’s bought untested so hopefully it’s working as intended. eBay had one… Read More »

Solution for wireless problems inside NNC

By | 2018-09-14

In our house we use Ubiquiti hardware for or LAN and Wireless LAN. It works great in the whole house but with the Japanese Xbox 360 S I use in my New Net City there always is connectivity problems, it’s no surprise, after all it’s surrounded by metal in a closed space. The signal bounces and will in… Read More »

Update on Blast City accident

By | 2018-09-11

Today I got the fuses I ordered Sunday night from Kjell. I ordered some fast blowing glass fuses 4A 250V with the size 6x32mm. After replacing the fuse in the Blast City PSU I tried mounting it in the cab. Everything booted up as it should except that I got a loud buzzing sound from the speakers. The… Read More »

Earth Defense Force 2025

By | 2018-09-11

Another piece for the collection, this time I got Earth Defense Force 2025 for Xbox 360. Earth Defence Force 2025 also called Earth Defence Forces 4.1 is Backward Compatible on Xbox One. After playing a lot of Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair on Steam I felt I had to get this game again, last time… Read More »