Mega Man 11 without disc!!

By | 2018-10-02

I can start AND play a physical game (Mega Man 11) without disc inserted. Made a thread on reddit and down votes already started. Never seen it before on XboxOne. I never game shared and I owned my XboxOneX Since day 1. I don’t have Xbox Pass. Does it work for anyone else?  I use a PAL disc… Read More »

Trio of long awaited packages arrived

By | 2018-10-01

Today I got some long awaited packages in the postbox. Raiden Fighter Aces for Xbox 360, region NTSC-J. Mega Man 11 for Xbox One. 500 Years Later: An Oral History of Final Fantasy VII published by Read Only Memory Raiden Fighters Aces has been long wanted for my collection but the NTSC-J version has been really expensive (+170$).… Read More »

Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition!

By | 2018-09-29

Finally it’s released, Forza Horizon 4. The Steelbook looks fantastic and I don’t regret buying Ultimate Edition. Game looks great and I play in performance mode, 60 fps on my Xbox One X feels awesome. The control feel better compared to FH3, I have better precision. Now I need to go and race some more…

Some new additions for collection

By | 2018-09-25

Got some new games to add into the collection. First we have Crimson Skies, a game I played A LOT when released on the original Xbox. This game was among the 13 original Xbox games that recently were made Backward Compatible on Xbox One. Unfortunately online multiplayer isn’t working anymore but System Link still works so it can… Read More »

Toshiba arcade monitor issues, part 2

By | 2018-09-22

Yesterday my package with resistors and some PCB buttons arrived from Luckily enough wife went to gym and kids to their grandmother so I had some spare time. After  going through 40 moving boxes in the garage I found my soldering iron and some solder wire. To bad most of the time disappeared in the garage. After… Read More »

Minecraft controllers

By | 2018-09-22

Picked up two Xbox One controllers that hardly been used. I found them at Facebook marketplace and they were available locally here in my town Karlskoga so it were super easy and quick to pick them up. Both were cheap and in really good condition, almost like new. I tell myself I don’t collect controllers so I really… Read More »

Toshiba arcade monitor issues

By | 2018-09-20

I have some issues with one of my SEGA New Net City monitors (the Tekken one). The monitor works but it got a red tint color in the blacks and the colors and white looks very dim. The pictures below look much better than in real life… If I access the monitor settings the green color is really… Read More »

Xbox One games bought cheap

By | 2018-09-20

Won some auctions at Tradera (Swedish eBay), got all games with an average price below 5€ each. That’s less in total than I were willing to pay for Hitman alone. The biggest score were Hitman, a game I have been wanting to buy for a long time. Played through the first mission on Steam and had plenty of… Read More »