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December Update!

By | 2018-12-27

Hello. The family situation with sick kids and wife has taken much time which has made it hard to update the blog. Family is of course my top priority, gaming and this blog means nothing to me without my family. Last week I were in an accident were my car crashed and I no longer have a car… Read More »

8BitDo SN30 Controllers mini review.

By | 2018-12-05

Had a pre-order on two 8BitDo SN30 controllers for almost half a year. Apparently they were released really late here in Scandinavia so the parcel arrived yesterday. As soon I opened the packages I had to try them and instantly I got issues, I couldn’t sync the controllers with my 8BitDo Retro Receivers that I use on our… Read More »

Flipper-SM 2018, Swedish Championship in Pinball!

By | 2018-11-27

On Saturday it’s time for Flipper-SM (Swedish championship) in Borås. Today I’ve had several calls from local newspapers, Swedish television and radio who wanted to do a news coverage on my participation in the championship. I did turn them all down  I just don’t have the time with sick kids and so little time to make a game… Read More »

Lot of different games

By | 2018-11-05

Yesterday I got a good mixture of games for collection. They were almost free so can’t complain. Also got but not found in the pictures a original unmodified Xbox console with a Duke controller and a S controller. Never bad to have one or two in spare if my Xbox one day breaks. This means that I know… Read More »

Akismet disabled, comments should now work!

By | 2018-11-01

I have since day one been using Akismet on the site to block spam and I just heard from a Twitter user that it has flagged several comments as spam from the user. Unfortunately the comments never reached my spam folder, none of the spams Akismet says it found have appeared in the spam folder which it should.… Read More »

Red Dead Redemption 2 and dad of the year!

By | 2018-10-26

If someone missed it, today is not a regular Friday, today is the release day of Red Dead Redemption 2! This means the Xbox One X will be occupied for some time and I had to get my son a Xbox so he can play Fortnite. Dad of the year! Right? 😛

Pac-Man lamp

By | 2018-10-17

Pac-Man lamp with sounds… how cool isn’t that? So cool I had to get one. I really need some cozy lighting in my game room so it will fit great. Only complain is that the cord is a bit short and I wish I could make the lamp a little bit brighter.  

Dishonored, Google Home Mini and Trådfri. :)

By | 2018-10-11

Today I got Dishonored Definitive Edition which makes my Dishonored collection on Xbox One complete. I already own it on Steam but now I got a physical copy, couldn’t resist with a price under 5€. Cheap is always good. Google Home Mini is really cool. I plugged it in and tested it with English and it worked perfect… Read More »