December Update!

By | 2018-12-27


The family situation with sick kids and wife has taken much time which has made it hard to update the blog. Family is of course my top priority, gaming and this blog means nothing to me without my family.

Last week I were in an accident were my car crashed and I no longer have a car since it’s a total wreck, this will make my trip to and from work a lot longer and another two hours on work days disappear.

I will try and get on the track with the blogging in late January 2019, I have a lot of drafts done, pictures taken and a few reviews almost complete that may be released earlier if I get the time.

Take care folks and have a Happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “December Update!

  1. G.S

    Hey Gill, I’d be happy to help with editing and adding more content. Hope the family is all good!

    1. Gill Post author

      Thanks, I am fine but I need to re prioritize a little bit in life. Will start blogging soon!
      Happy new year… 8 days late. 😉


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