8BitDo SN30 Controllers mini review.

By | 2018-12-05

Had a pre-order on two 8BitDo SN30 controllers for almost half a year. Apparently they were released really late here in Scandinavia so the parcel arrived yesterday.

As soon I opened the packages I had to try them and instantly I got issues, I couldn’t sync the controllers with my 8BitDo Retro Receivers that I use on our NES.

Two boxed controllers.

It turned out that I used really old firmware on my two retro receivers so I had to update the firmware. Updating firmware took under 10 minutes and were easy. 8BitDo had a good explanation how to do it on their homepage. What they didn’t have a good explanation on is how to sync the controllers to the retro receivers… Turned out I can use any of the four possible ways to sync, it’s just not written anywhere, it only tells how to sync to/with Switch, DirectInput, XInput or MacOS.

Included in the box is the controller, Micro USB-cable and the lousy manual… The cable is also color matched to the controller, really nicely done 8BitDo!

Playing with the controller worked perfectly. Buttons feels great and the SNES controller design is really comfortable. I couldn’t feel any lag and I’m picky with lag. Super Mario Bros felt as good as my cable controllers and Ice Climbers worked perfect with two controllers at the same time. I also tried some Track and Field and got no issues at all.

Overall I must say that I’m really happy with the controllers and they map perfectly to the NES. I now just need another for my GameCube GameBoy Player setup. What I don’t like is the loose fit of the Retro Receivers for the NES, they sit too loose so when I insert games they sometimes unplug which means I have to move my ass an extra time to plug them in.

Two unboxed controllers. They look great.

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