Mortal Pinbat 2.0

By | 2018-11-16

November 10th I attended at Mortal Pinbat 2.0 arranged by Degerforce Pinball.
Like last time it were plenty of fun and the all contenders were super friendly.

My result in the competition didn’t went as well as I hoped but I think I learnt a few tricks which will help me in upcoming competitions. I will from now on play more AND study game rules better, it’s really needed if I want to win more games.

I actually did won a price! I beat the Donkey Kong high score which gave me a really nice flashlight. For a while I never thought I would beat the high score due to the 8-way joystick, it had a travel that’s 10 times of what I’m used to. Billy Mitchell wouldn’t beat that score with that joystick…!

I want to thank Degerforce Pinball for arranging a great competition. I will be there next competition as well.

Degerforce Pinball homepage

Top 3 in competition. From left to right, 3rd place Peter Dahlman PET, 2nd place Frans Bergbom FB and 1st place Andreas Frid AJF.

Degerforce Pinball’s cosy lounge.

Hard game… wish I had one at home.

Some games and TED being social.

Some of the older games.

Hanging in the lounge between games. TED, ROB, AJF and JIM.

Price for beating Donkey Kong high score.

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