Black Friday 2018!

By | 2018-11-21

This year online retailers in Sweden started early with the Black Friday deals. I didn’t intend to buy anything this year but I still bought these goodies for 75€, since I intended to get them at some point I couldn’t resist when the price were good. I’m soon done with Dragon Quest XI so this is welcome… and you! If you haven’t played Dragon Quest XI yet, do it!

Three great games? Probability 101%. ^^

2 thoughts on “Black Friday 2018!

  1. Micke Johansson

    Nice loot there! At least Spider-Man and God of War. Haven’t played Detroit so I can’t really say anything about that, but the other two are GOTY candidates for me. Really enjoyed them.

    1. Gill Post author

      Now I just need to decide which game to start with, I just finished true ending in Dragon Quest XI so need something new to play. Guess I will start with Spider-Man.
      Thx for commenting.


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