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Another NNC…

By | 2017-05-13

I did pick up a cab a while back ago. It’s a New Net City with a Tekken 6 control panel, side panels are Tekken 5, not really what I wanted but I can always modify it later on. Monitor got a slight burn in so I can see “insert coin” which hopefully won’t be that bad when… Read More »

Naomi games, TATE!

By | 2017-03-22

Lately I’ve been fixing my Sega Naomi with Netdimm. I use two memory cards, one for games ran in landscape/horizontal and one for TATE/vertical games. It’s working great except that I had a hard time to find a list of games that’s played in TATE. I ended up doing my own summary of games ran in TATE so… Read More »

Sega Blast City and Progear conversion!

By | 2017-03-07

Saturday morning my father and I went for a trip to Gislaved to pickup a Sega Blast City. After 580km in terrible weather, 9 hours in total, we had picked up a Sega Blast City, ate some lunch and arrived home safely. I did learn a Sega Blast City will fit in a Volvo V70 without any problems.… Read More »

Another Candy cab! Yay!

By | 2017-02-16

In 4-6 weeks I will own my second NNC. Today I did a down payment for a Sega New Net City, it arrives to Johanmarsta (Arkadtorget.se) in Rosersberg, he got a full container arriving directly from Japan! I really hope that the cab is in a decent condition… We will see in a month or two. Wish me… Read More »

Införskaffat Sega New Net City!

By | 2016-10-16

Igår lördag så köpte jag mig ett candy cab, ett Sega New Net City!! 40 mil tur och retur men det var helt klart värt. Äntligen får jag lov att säga, jag har letat länge! Skicket får väl anses vara bra för en sån gammal pryl. Det viktiga vilket jag anser är bildskärmen såg väldigt bra ut, ingen inbränning vad… Read More »