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Xbox 360 super deal! :D

By | 2017-05-09

Picked up some great stuff last weekend. 69 various Xbox 360 games, 2 Bradygames strategy guides, 3 different cables from Monster Cables and a Aten component switch, all this for 50€ is what I call a super deal… That’s less than 1€ per game!! Strategy guides, cables and component switch alone are worth more than 50€. All games and boxes… Read More »

Xbox 360 collection started!

By | 2017-05-04

Starting today I will post updates with the games I acquire for my Xbox 360 collection. I’ve earlier written about my history with Microsoft and Xbox 360. I absolutely love Xbox 360, it got so many great games! I once had about 100 games on physical media for it but none is left… Since I love and miss my… Read More »

Yes Microsoft, Yes Nintendo, you’re idiots!

By | 2017-04-15

Yes Microsoft, Yes Nintendo, you’re idiots! Dear Microsoft… once upon a time when everyone were happy and RROD were common you had something you called Microsoft Points, points were needed if anyone wanted to buy games on Xbox Marketplace. Later you decided to remove Microsoft Points and at the time I had my 4th or 5th RROD… therefore the… Read More »