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Another NNC…

By | 2017-05-13

I did pick up a cab a while back ago. It’s a New Net City with a Tekken 6 control panel, side panels are Tekken 5, not really what I wanted but I can always modify it later on. Monitor got a slight burn in so I can see “insert coin” which hopefully won’t be that bad when… Read More »

Sexy Taito Stools!

By | 2017-04-26

I had no idea that stools could be sexy! Now I know… Picked these beauties up yesterday at the post office. It’s official Taito stools with a height of 43cm. They will take a lot of sweaty asses when everything is setup.

Metal Slug 5 PCB and SNK vs Capcom SVC CHAOS PCB acquired

By | 2017-04-11

I recently got ownership of two Neo Geo PCB’s, Metal Slug 5 and SNK vs Capcom SVC CHAOS. These two are a little bit special because the games come in their own PCB, usually Neo Geo games are cartridge based but SNK did release three games as PCB. I now own two of them, the other game released… Read More »

Jamma voltmeter arrived.

By | 2017-03-22

Last week I got a Jamma voltmeter sent from blomman @ Arkadtorget.se. You can also buy them at Arkadbutiken.se. I were about to make a few of these since they are rather easy to build, but at the price they sell, it weren’t really worth spending the time and money to build them myself. I will use this one… Read More »

Naomi games, TATE!

By | 2017-03-22

Lately I’ve been fixing my Sega Naomi with Netdimm. I use two memory cards, one for games ran in landscape/horizontal and one for TATE/vertical games. It’s working great except that I had a hard time to find a list of games that’s played in TATE. I ended up doing my own summary of games ran in TATE so… Read More »

Transformer 230V > 100V.

By | 2017-03-01

The other day I Bought a 230V to 100V transformer, this one is HEAVY!! Had some luck when a guy in Örebro sold his very cheap, it’s unused and will be used in my second Sega New Net City. I have one exactly like this in my first NNC and it works perfectly.

Replacing fan in PSU to try and address bad noise. Part 1.

By | 2017-02-26

I have a bad noise in my Sega New Net City, it sounds like a old crappy fan so I thought of replacing the fan in the PSU (power supply unit). When removing everything I took pictures, it’s always good to take some pictures so I know what I have done, specially if I have to abort because… Read More »

Key rings arrived.

By | 2017-02-25

Just got in some nice looking key rings for my keys. A guy on Arcade Otaku from Italy who sells them. The weight of the key rings are nice and feels like a solid heavy good quality poker chip, couldn’t be happier to use these for my SEGA keys.

Electrokit.com order for Pad Hacks etc.

By | 2017-02-21

Today I ordered PCB boards, logical gates and some other small stuff from Electrokit.com. The main reason for the order are the logical gates which I will use for my pad hacks to get some more functionality, will show more when it’s done. I also decided to buy myself a PCB holder, the solution I use today isn’t smooth to use. This… Read More »

Another Candy cab! Yay!

By | 2017-02-16

In 4-6 weeks I will own my second NNC. Today I did a down payment for a Sega New Net City, it arrives to Johanmarsta (Arkadtorget.se) in Rosersberg, he got a full container arriving directly from Japan! I really hope that the cab is in a decent condition… We will see in a month or two. Wish me… Read More »