Jamma voltmeter arrived.

By | 2017-03-22

Last week I got a Jamma voltmeter sent from blomman @ Arkadtorget.se. You can also buy them at Arkadbutiken.se.
I were about to make a few of these since they are rather easy to build, but at the price they sell, it weren’t really worth spending the time and money to build them myself.

5V, no more, no less.

I will use this one in my Blast City and it will make me feel at ease when I know it’s 5 volt to my precious PCB’s.


Naomi games, TATE!

By | 2017-03-22

Lately I’ve been fixing my Sega Naomi with Netdimm.
I use two memory cards, one for games ran in landscape/horizontal and one for TATE/vertical games. It’s working great except that I had a hard time to find a list of games that’s played in TATE. I ended up doing my own summary of games ran in TATE so I thought I better share it so someone can google it in a year or two when they need a list themselves. 🙂

Here are the games that’s ran in TATE. Data used in list is taken from gamelist.py found at https://github.com/travistyoj/piforcetools/blob/master/gamelist.py

# Naomi Games Vertical/TATE!
“Ikaruga”: “Ikaruga_v3.bin”,
“Karous”: “karous_v3.bin”,
“Illvelo”: “Illvelo_v6.bin”,
“Mamoru-kun wa\nNoro. Shimatta!”: “mamonorov6.bin”,
“Psyvariar 2”: “Psyvariar2_v6.bin”,
“Radirgy”: “Radirgy_v3.bin”,
“Shikigami\nno Shiro II”: “ShikigamiNoShiroII_v6.bin”,
“Shooting Love\n2007 – Exzeal”: “ShootingLove2007-Exzeal_v6.bin”,
“Trigger Heart\nExelica”: “TriggerHeartExelica_v6.bin”,
“Trizeal”: “Trizeal_v3.bin”,
“Under Defeat”: “UnderDefeat_v3.bin”,


TATE @ Steam, v.1.3!

By | 2017-03-14

New list with games I own on Steam that supports TATE!
Added Ghost Blade HD, TATE confirmed with my 16:9 monitor, can’t get it to work properly (getting black borders) in 640×480 on arcade monitor, do game only play in widescreen? I have to look this up.

The list, v.1.3!


TATE @ Steam, v.1.2!

By | 2017-03-10

New list with games I own on Steam that supports TATE!
Added Danmaku Unlimited 3

The list, v.1.2!


Danmaku Unlimited 3 released and An Oath to the Stars demo released!

By | 2017-03-10

Today Danmaku Unlimited 3 released, got my steam key from Humble Bundle and installed it on Steam. There is also a DRM-free version to download on Humblebundle.com but Steam with auto updates is just to comfortable for a lazy guy like myself. Been able to play DU3 for a little and it’s Awesome!!
Had some problems to been able to run it in 640×480 but after adding 640 480 to resolutions.txt found in game folder it runs great. TATE works without any noticeable problems. I will get many hours spent in Danmaku Unlimited 3, I better buy another two copies so everyone at home will be able to enjoy it in the candy cabs. 😀

Another game I’m looking forward to is An Oath to the Stars. Demo is released and can be downloaded at https://himekigames.itch.io/oath-to-the-stars. I just briefly been able to try it out and it has TATE support, runs well in 640×480 and it looks and feel really smooth and great.
Only complaint in demo is that developer need to add so “Z” key also work as “Enter” key… all other shmups do and it will be a hassle in cabinet if it isn’t added. Maybe I could rebind it but haven’t got the time to really check it out properly, family, work and sleep has been taking much time lately.


Sega Blast City and Progear conversion!

By | 2017-03-07

Saturday morning my father and I went for a trip to Gislaved to pickup a Sega Blast City.
After 580km in terrible weather, 9 hours in total, we had picked up a Sega Blast City, ate some lunch and arrived home safely.

I did learn a Sega Blast City will fit in a Volvo V70 without any problems. If you try it, make sure you secure it as it will move around a lot and I promise, you don’t want that heavy piece moving around. Since I have a leakage in my garage roof I have rent some storage for my stuff until it’s fixed. Will post pictures as soon I have everything sorted. 😐

Today another great piece arrived, Progear no Arashi, a CPS-2 game created by CAVE! A+B board arrived swift and safe from a Arcade Otaku member from Germany.
Awesome game, will be played a lot. The only bad thing… it’s a conversion.

Progear conversion. Bad quality/view picture photoed in garage.


DoDonPachi DaiOuJou arrived.

By | 2017-03-02

Today DoDonPachi DaiOuJou for Xbox 360 arrived from a Japanese seller on E-bay. It still got the plastic on so not only I get to enjoy playing it, I will also enjoy opening it. 😀

DoDonPachi DaiOuJou for Xbox 360


Transformer 230V > 100V.

By | 2017-03-01

The other day I Bought a 230V to 100V transformer, this one is HEAVY!! Had some luck when a guy in Örebro sold his very cheap, it’s unused and will be used in my second Sega New Net City. I have one exactly like this in my first NNC and it works perfectly.

Transformer 230V > 100V


Replacing fan in PSU to try and address bad noise. Part 1.

By | 2017-02-26

I have a bad noise in my Sega New Net City, it sounds like a old crappy fan so I thought of replacing the fan in the PSU (power supply unit). When removing everything I took pictures, it’s always good to take some pictures so I know what I have done, specially if I have to abort because of kids fighting or some other natural disaster.

PSU is attached to a “shelf” and can’t be removed since I can’t reach the screws without removing the whole shelf. I will try and explain how I removed the shelf that both power supply and sound amplifier are attached to.

I started with detaching all cables that connects to the power supply and sound amplifier, it’s mainly different AMP connectors and I just took it slow… no problems at all. After all cables are unattached so I can move the shelf from the cabinet I unscrew screws according to my pictures below, 2 in front (open front hatch) and 2 inside the cabinet.

Remove left and right top screws in front, 2 in total.

Remove left and right screws in top, 2 in total.

With screws removed I just took the shelf and lifted it out to my desk. To remove PSU from the shelf I removed the 4 screws in the PSU bottom frame. I’m used to heavy and solid ATX power supplies so I were quite surprised how light this PSU were. After removing PSU from shelf I removed the top cover, a total of 5 screws.

Everything outside cab

PSU top cover removed, dirty…

Don’t loose any screws!

NNC PSU information. It runs on 100V  and gets power from a AMP connector.


To remove the fan just unscrew the 4 screws on the fan, unplug the 2-pin cable from PSU PCB and lightly remove it.

80x80x25mm PSU fan, CHA8012BS, 12V

Yes, it’s 80x80mm and has a height that’s 25mm

More screws, don’t loose them!


The fan is 80x80x25mm so it will be easy to replace. Will order a new fan this week and will then continue Part 2 with the replacement and cleaning!

Bonus pictures. 🙂

Back of PSU PCB

Inside PSU


Key rings arrived.

By | 2017-02-25

Just got in some nice looking key rings for my keys. A guy on Arcade Otaku from Italy who sells them.
The weight of the key rings are nice and feels like a solid heavy good quality poker chip, couldn’t be happier to use these for my SEGA keys.

Key rings for my keys. I know the photo sucks but hey, it were taken in my garage with almost no lightning.