Another NNC…

By | 2017-05-13

I did pick up a cab a while back ago. It’s a New Net City with a Tekken 6 control panel, side panels are Tekken 5, not really what I wanted but I can always modify it later on.
Monitor got a slight burn in so I can see “insert coin” which hopefully won’t be that bad when a PCB is running, time will tell.

This time I didn’t use a trailer when I went to pick it up, I were told by some people @ArkadTorget that it would fit in a Volvo V70… it did… in pieces!! Not really a big issue, just took 20 minutes to take it apart and it will make it easier when I have to clean and fix everything before assembly.

I did put the cabinet in storage right away and will start work on it later when garage is fixed.

“new cab”

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