Yes Microsoft, Yes Nintendo, you’re idiots!

By | 2017-04-15

Yes Microsoft, Yes Nintendo, you’re idiots!

Dear Microsoft… once upon a time when everyone were happy and RROD were common you had something you called Microsoft Points, points were needed if anyone wanted to buy games on Xbox Marketplace. Later you decided to remove Microsoft Points and at the time I had my 4th or 5th RROD… therefore the points weren’t used and were transformed in my local currency SEK and they were attached to my Microsoft account. Since I didn’t use the currency all my “money” expired and were removed… doh!
Later I decided to get myself a Xbox One, great with backward compatibility and lot of great games to download. Bought myself a prepaid card for 12 months of Xbox Live Gold and a gift card for Xbox Marketplace.

  1. Why do you continue to charge from credit card when a 12-month Xbox Live Gold is activated on my account? I had entered and activated my prepaid subscription but still you charge me a month. It weren’t just a day after activation but more like two weeks after. Now I had to remove my automatic subscription renewal manually.
  2. Why the hell can’t I buy Xbox 360 games with my account currency? This is just stupid, it says it’s currency for Xbox Live Marketplace but it says nowhere it doesn’t work on all games on Xbox Marketplace.
    I wanted to buy a few Xbox 360 games but since I can’t my Xbox Marketplace currency is trash. I will never buy a new release for Xbox One on Marketplace for +100$ (yes, it’s correct, they cost that much in Sweden).

And you Nintendo, you are even worse. Here I buy and support one of your products and I can’t even buy an official extra controller for it before it’s discontinued, great way to support your buyers. If I want to play Ice Climbers with the kids with an official controller I have to buy one from Tradera (Swedish eBay) for 80$ or buy another NES Classic Edition for 200$ from Tradera!
Finding a original controller in stores has been almost impossible since day one. Sure I could go 3rd party, I think I should do the same with all Nintendo equipment in the future… I even think I will stop supporting you at all, I can spend my money at companies that support their released products!

If you read this text, please excuse me and remember that English ain’t my native tongue and that I don’t proofread my texts. Right now I’m slightly annoyed, sick, got a stomach that’s in a world war, missing a controller and I haven’t slept well in a few weeks!

That’s all for now! Take care! Now I need to visit bathroom to end WW3!


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