Metal Slug 5 PCB and SNK vs Capcom SVC CHAOS PCB acquired

By | 2017-04-11

I recently got ownership of two Neo Geo PCB’s, Metal Slug 5 and SNK vs Capcom SVC CHAOS.

These two are a little bit special because the games come in their own PCB, usually Neo Geo games are cartridge based but SNK did release three games as PCB.
I now own two of them, the other game released as PCB were King of Fighters 2003.


Neo Geo PCB’s

Will be great to later test these. Metal Slug series is awesome and I really like Metal Slug 5, a lot of people don’t like MS5 but I couldn’t care less. 🙂

SNK vs Capcom SVC CHAOS will be played a bit, can’t say I love this game but it will be perfect to play with my eldest son who really like fighting games. Some day I hope to get a setup for fighting games in HD resolutions.

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