Danmaku Unlimited 3 released and An Oath to the Stars demo released!

By | 2017-03-10

Today Danmaku Unlimited 3 released, got my steam key from Humble Bundle and installed it on Steam. There is also a DRM-free version to download on Humblebundle.com but Steam with auto updates is just to comfortable for a lazy guy like myself. Been able to play DU3 for a little and it’s Awesome!!
Had some problems to been able to run it in 640×480 but after adding 640 480 to resolutions.txt found in game folder it runs great. TATE works without any noticeable problems. I will get many hours spent in Danmaku Unlimited 3, I better buy another two copies so everyone at home will be able to enjoy it in the candy cabs. 😀

Another game I’m looking forward to is An Oath to the Stars. Demo is released and can be downloaded at https://himekigames.itch.io/oath-to-the-stars. I just briefly been able to try it out and it has TATE support, runs well in 640×480 and it looks and feel really smooth and great.
Only complaint in demo is that developer need to add so “Z” key also work as “Enter” key… all other shmups do and it will be a hassle in cabinet if it isn’t added. Maybe I could rebind it but haven’t got the time to really check it out properly, family, work and sleep has been taking much time lately.

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