Danmaku Unlimited 3 Pre-ordered!

By | 2017-02-24

Title: Danmaku Unlimited 3
Release date: March 9th, 2017
TATE: Yes! Will add to TATE list when confirmed everything is working.

March 9th when kids are asleep I know what I will be doing, Dorogan are releasing Danmaku Unlimited 3 the successor of Danmaku Unlimited 2 which were a terrific Shmup.

Do you pre-order at: http://doragongames.com/danmaku3/
You will get a DRM-free version as well as a Steam key for only 9.99$! Getting a DRM-free version is great because then I can run it in a cabinet without worrying about internet connection.


Pre-order done!


Steam site is found HERE and launch trailer is found below.

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